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I began my business career by spending 10 years learning about leadership, strategy, marketing and sales from some amazing leaders and managers at one of the largest and best-managed pharmaceutical companies in the world, now called Pfizer Inc.

I then circled back and built upon my B. Sc. in Pharmacy degree by completing a full-time mid-career M.B.A.

From there, I shifted gears by going out into the real business world, the ‘entrepreneurial’ world, by taking leadership and management positions or advising several entrepreneurial firms in a variety of industries.

I have also experienced, first-hand, the challenges of owning and operating two start-up ventures;  one made it through the ‘experience/survival stage’ and one grew to the point where we sold the company after about 5 years of operations.

This was where I really learned what makes a great leader and how to become a more effective manager.  And, how to run a better business.

I have found that the entrepreneurial business world is my world.  It is my sweet spot.  I get it.  I love it.

More recently, I discovered EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and, in working as part of a leadership team, I learned and mastered most of the EOS® tools and helped that company achieve some amazing results.

That experience inspired me to become a Professional EOS Implementer® to help more owners and their leadership teams get more of what they want from their companies.
Fast forward, I have helped create the Shift Now Shift Now Sales Operating System™ and, as a Shift Activator™, I am able to help even more companies by helping them solve strategy, marketing, and sales issues to truly unlock their competitive edge.

My promise is simple.  I will do everything that I can to effectively share the benefits of EOS® and the Shift Now Sales Operating System™ with you so that you will have a stronger and more effective team and that you will get everything that you want from your business.

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