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I began my business career by spending 10 years learning about leadership, management, strategy, marketing and sales from the amazing leaders and managers at one of the largest and best-managed pharmaceutical companies in the world, now called Pfizer Inc.

I then circled back and built upon my B. Sc. in Pharmacy degree by completing a full-time, mid-career M.B.A.

From there, I shifted gears by entering the real business world, the ‘entrepreneurial’ world, and helped run or owned and operated several businesses in a variety of industries.

This was where I really learned how to become a more effective leader and manager. And, how to run a better business.

More recently, I became aware of EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and, in working with other members of an entrepreneurial leadership team, I learned and mastered the EOS® tools and helped that company achieve focus, discipline, accountability and extraordinary sales and profits.

That experience inspired me to team up with EOS® and become a Professional EOS Implementer® to help more owners and their leadership teams get more of what they want from their companies.

I also developed the Shift Now Sales Operating System™ and, as a Shift Activator™, I help companies solve strategic, marketing, and sales issues to truly unlock their competitive edge.

My promise is simple. I will do everything that I can to effectively share the benefits of these amazing operating systems with you so that you will have stronger and more effective leadership, management, and sales teams.

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